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Mojo Running and MetroParks invite you to participate in the Inaugural Mojo Running – MetroParks Triathlon to be held on June 21, 2015 at the Voice of America. All the information is available on our triathlon page

Upcoming Races

Apr 11th 9:00am 6th Annual Meters for Mozart 5K
Apr 25th 9:00am Young Life 5K Doughnut Dash
May 3rd 6:30am Flying Pig Marathon and 1/2 Marathon
May 9th 8:00am Jog N Jam 5K
May 30th 9:00am Be A Beaver Triathlon

Training Group

Apr 4th 8:00am Mojo Running Group
Apr 7th 6:30pm Running Group
Apr 11th 8:00am Mojo Running Group
Apr 14th 6:30pm Running Group
Apr 18th 8:00am Mojo Running Group

I wanted to share this from one of our new runners this season:

Paul, I had some inspiration during Saturday's run that I wanted to share.  As I crested the hill over I-75, I was amused to see Mojo runners stretched out all along West Chester Road as far as I could see; all adorned in a variety of brightly colored clothes.  I was going to snap a picture but figured it wouldn't adequately convey the image.  I started thinking about the following while I ran which provided a nice, positive distraction.

The Long Neon Line

Like West Point's Long Gray Line, they march forth with determination. Moving two or three abreast, their numbers file over the hill and stretch down the road as dawn breaks over the horizon. Although while this winter's morn' is gray, this company is not.  With bright hearts and bright clothes emblazoned by the sun, their colors spill westward across the gray streets as the dawning sun's light washes westward across the gray sky.

Like the cadets, they are determined, resolute. Their mission: to bring some mojo to this cold winter morning. This is West Chester's Long Neon Line. 

Join our Flying Pig training programs as we get ready for the Flying Pig, Pittsburg and Glass City Marathons and 1/2 Marathons. Beginner, intermediate and Advanced training schedules are available to meet all of your spring event goals.